Encounter raj

The event unfolding in Uttar Pradesh (UP) shows that not all is well in the Yogi raj. The governance of UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has come under immense scrutiny. Yogi, who is a Hindu priest, was made Chief Minister of the largest and most populated state of country surprising the political circle. A hard-line Hindutva leader, there was several criminal case against him including that of rioting, hate speech, etc. BJP justified his elevation as CM saying being priest he will selflessly work for the people of state, will curb down corruption and also bring law and order under control.
But situation have only worsen in UP since he assumed office. The UP police are killing people with impunity. Latest is the killing of an Apple executive Vivek Tiwari by two former cops of the Lucknow police on Friday night. Both were arrested and later sacked. Before him several people on mere suspicion have been gunned down by the police. Members of Muslim community have been main target followed by the Dalits. If Yogi thinks he can control crime by killing people, then he is committing huge mistake. Is he trying to tell that his government has no faith in judiciary and therefore is indulging in reckless killing spree? There should be proper investigation into the various encounter staged by UP police in the last one year. However it should be a Supreme Court monitored probe so that rogue policemen do not go scot free by tampering the whole investigation process. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath should put an end to encounter raj and let law take its own course of action. Indian judiciary is strong enough to deal with this kind of situation.