Return caution money

Dear Editor,
I wish to bring to the attention of the people, a malpractice conveniently practiced by Vivekananda Kendra College of Teacher’s Education.
There were a total of 93 students who had enrolled for the B.ed course and a caution money of Rs. 2500 was collected from each of them.
It has been two months since the declaration of the results, yet the center is yet to return the caution money.
Other colleges offering the same course have promptly returned the amount after the declaration of the result.
However, this college is keeping on dilly dallying.
A college, of such repute should not indulge in practices that tarnish the name of the brand that Vivekananda Kendra.
Therefore, I earnestly request that the matter be looked into by the authorities and the caution money be released.
A citizen