Climate change is reality

The United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change or IPCC report have sent warning signal to world about impending climate change which has potential to cause havoc. IPCC report makes it clear that the world will see greater sea level rise, higher frequency of droughts, floods and heatwaves, and countries like India with a large population dependent on agricultural and fishery would be the most affected. In the next decade India is expected to see rise in temperature leading to intense heat wave.
The climate change is increasingly becoming reality and before it’s too late the government of India should take urgent action to control the damage. India is world’s second most populated country. The ever increasing human population is leading to new settlement and vanishing of green cover. Industrial pollution and increasing volume of vehicles are all contributing to pollution. A number of Indian cities have found their names in the list of world’s most polluted city category. But unfortunately none of the governments including the central and state takes climate change and pollution as serious issue. They mostly see it as academic subject. Even in Arunachal Pradesh no one takes it seriously. Climate changing is already having disastrous effect in the state. The erratic rainfall witnessed this year is an example. Also the temperature has seen rise in the state. All these examples point out that climate change is no longer an academic subject and it indeed is the biggest threat to the humanity.