Provide wall clocks and strict invigilator

Dear Editor,
I would like to make request to APPSC in reference to their ‘examination instructions’. As per instructions wrist watch will not be permitted inside the exam hall and the bell will be rung at every 1 hour.No doubt it is a noble idea however writing 200 marks require proper time division in minutes. Without watch or wall clock, it will be like blind seeking direction in open space.
I also want to share an experience of exam conducted on 21.10.2018 JT.BDO.
The exam centre was at Geography dept, RGU room number one. Our invigilator, a sweet lady ‘but’ most lousiest. In 1:30 hours examination, the whole room has fair idea of her opinion about APPSC, her husband, her botany dept, her Phd scholars and her online shopping on Myntra for ?11000/.
Like me, probably the whole room would have appreciated 1:30 hours pitch silence.
Hence, kindly permit analog wrist watch or provide wall clock in the examination centre (eg.DNGC has no clock wall) and also strict ethics for invigilator.