Safety concerns should be priority

The death of 61 people during the Dussehra celebration at Amritsar was completely avoidable. Tragedy struck on Friday when a speeding train ran over festive crowd that spilled on to the tracks while watching the customary burning of a giant Ravana effigy. The train was coming from Jalandhar to Amritsar. All those killed were standing on the train track at the time of incident. Since the incident there has been only blame game and no one is seriously trying to figure out where things went wrong. The Punjab government has ordered magisterial enquiry and one will have to wait for its outcome.
But it is a gross mistake to organize Dussehra celebration near a busy railway line. The organizers along with local administration and railway officials should take responsibilities for it. All of them are responsible for the death of 61 people. The Amritsar incident is a learning experience for the India. There are several instances where religious celebrations are allowed near road and railway line. These kinds of practices should be put to an end. Safety measures should not be compromised. The citizens also should avoid celebrations in those areas which can put lives at risks. The government needs to put safety of citizens ahead of the religious belief.