Live and Let Live

Dear Editor,
This is in response to Insaf’s article titled “Gujarat exodus”(October 13). It is high time it remains acknowledged that migrants do not venture to other states to serve the concerned indigenous lot, rather they migrate to serve or sustain themselves.
Also the fact remains that the indigenous lot are not doing any special favour to the migrants in the concerned soil as the latter also form a part and parcel of Indian society.
Actually India‚Äôs unity is fully dependent upon the policy — Live and Let Live. Being indispensable part of India, no state can ideally shut its door for the migrants from other regions. So the migrants need to be awarded their human rights and in turn they should also learn to respect the sentiment, language, culture and indigenous population of the soil which provide them refuge bread and butter instead of trying to dictate over the locals.
And indigenous population should also be made to enjoy the luxury of reservations in jobs, business sectors and land holdings so that they do not get threatened by the deluge of migrants. Else social disturbance is inevitable.
Kajal Chatterjee,