Women to check antisocial activities

ITANAGAR, Oct 27: Taking serious note of illegal dice gambling in the Mowb-II market area, the women residents of Mowb-II, Upper Sengki View, and Panchali areas have requested the capital complex administration and the police to check such activities.
Illegal dice gambling causes loss of hard-earned money of many families of these three localities and creates public nuisance, the women said.
Claiming that many youngsters from other places of Itanagar also loiter in Mowb-II area at nighttime and indulge in antisocial activities, the women said they have decided to keep a check on it.
Simultaneously, they have resolved to check the spread of drug addiction in their localities, and have assigned parents with the responsibility of educating and guiding their wards against getting involved in such activities.
The women also said they would not allow illegal sale of liquor from unauthorized places in their localities.