Vanishing beauty of Ziro

Dear Editor,
By now everyone must have heard some wows and serenity Ziro offers to the spectator. Be it ZFM or some fancy resort assuring the beauty of Ziro. And no wonder the praises hailed upon it are true.
But unfortunately like every other town in Arunachal, it is also facing the consequences of urbanisation. The world famous paddy fields are vanishing with growing concrete structure upon it. Every nook and corner, even in the jungles the wrappers are a more common sight to see than the birds.
Last time while I was visiting Shiv Linga, I was really shocked to see the piles of garbage being dumped in the middle of the jungle, collected in the morning by the govt vehicle which plies around the town in loud and monotonous fuss.
One could imagine the distortion it creates to the flora and fauna around it.
As a student living in Ziro, I am really concerned for its future. Climates are changing and if this nuisance continues, it would be a nightmare for my hometown.
Just placing dustbin won’t do any good, we have to go till the last process to manage our garbage and this holds for the whole Arunachal. With this I would like to suggest the administration to come up with more proactive solutions.
A Student,