APPSC joke is not amusing enough

Dear Editor,
The ongoing drama surrounding APPSC mains exam has become a joke which is seriously not amusing anymore. The court is indecisive and the APPSC members are insensitive.
APPSC chairman and his members seem to be just not interested in their jobs for which they are getting paid out of our taxes.
The court hearing is on 8.11.18 and mains exam is on 10.11.18!
In this confusion, APPSC members are acting like they are doing their jobs by not taking many things into considerations. When asked about this conflicting dates, the secretary says they will decide on 9.11.18 which is just a day before mains.
So basically they don’t care about how people are chosen to these administrative posts.
What’s more surprising is silence being maintained by the govt. They should have seen it has the potentialities of creating negative precedence and bad name to Khandu administration.
An aspirant