The Beauty of Nature

Kr Pawang Mosu
Class IX
VKV Ziro

Oh! What a pleasant surprise,
To see the morning sunrise.
Oh! What a breathtaking beauty,
And to preserve it is our duty.

Nature made trees or trees made nature?
Whatever it is but it is a heart catcher.
Creator of it made it laboriously,
As you go through it, you will find, seriously!

I always praise its preen,
And hope it will remain green.
But now-a-days it is dimming,
Because of the people, I think they all are dreaming.

Inside it, one should at least peep,
Then they will get its beauty is deep.
But one thing I really hate,
That one day this all will terminate!
We all know it is very beautiful,
But we shouldn’t play with it; it can be harmful!
I think I am the luckiest creature,
As I realised the beauty of nature.