Reclaim encroached land

The lone central university of state, the Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) is facing threat from the land grabbers. As per the recent media report 64 acres of land is missing out of 302 acres allotted to RGU. Situation is so bad that even construction of boundary wall could not be complete due to land encroachment problem. Now in a report filed by a committee constituted by the Deputy Commissioner Papum Pare to look into issue, it has emerged that several local employees of RGU are themselves involved in the encroachment of university land.
Unfortunately some senior professors have also been named as encroacher which is a blot on the RGU. Now that a report has been submitted to DC, proper action should be initiated to reclaim all the encroached land. RGU is a new university and it is expected to continuously grow in years to come. For the growth of university the land will be needed. Therefore, every effort should be made to preserve the land for future use. Before waiting for action, all the employees of RGU who have illegally captured land belonging to university should voluntarily surrender it. However if they refuse, the Papum Pare district administration should carry out eviction drive and construct proper boundary wall. On their part the RGU authorities also need to take action against those employees found involved in encroachment of the university land.