Questions for APPSCCE qualifiers

Dear Editor,
My questions are for a part of the APPSCE prelims qualifiers staging protest against the commission for postponing exams till the courts verdict is out:
1. It has already been 3 long years since the last APPSCE was completed and I believe, aspirants got enough time preparing for the exam. So, how much time do you require for preparing?
2. If the court case filed by the aggrieved aspirants reach the doors of Supreme Court, how much time do you think it will take from now to until the verdict? What if the date proposed by you again has similar problems? Will you stage dharna again?
3. What about the other aspirants with age restriction issue, who failed to qualify prelims and are waiting for the next exam? Are you not playing with their carrier and life?
4. You commented on the commission’s poor will. Now when they are going as per the exam schedule notified as earlier, you stage dharna saying “Dadagiri nahin chalega”. Are you not symbolising ‘Dadagiri’ by restricting aspirants to write exam?
5. The court has already dismissed your petition for postponing the exam as of now. Why don’t you give exam?
6. Do you want the APPSCE be extended indefinitely or never to have such exam?
7. With such an attitude, how do you expect court or the commission to immune you from reappearing for prelims and qualify you for the mains, if the aggrieved aspirants win the court case and exams are to be reconducted?
A serious aspirant