Differing opinions and intentions

Dear Editor,
In the pandemonium regarding the State Civil Service Exams, many different groups have voiced their opinions. However, there are those like me who have been branded as opportunists by one side and it has come to my attention that our names are being used as leverage by the other side.
Some candidates who have appeared for the mains exams have claimed that all of us are against the re-conducting of the exams, which simply is not true. I have attended all the papers, but I am not against re-conducting. While, we did not and still do not support the boycotting of the exams, we have no problem if the commission decided to reconduct the exam or even scrap the entire thing depending on the verdict of the court.
It is a fact that not all of those protesting outside were ill prepared or non serious candidates. Some even had to become protestors by default. In the same vein, not everyone who sat for the exams is an opportunist. However, I have personally bore witness to some appearing candidates laugh and talk about how this is a golden opportunity since more than half of the candidates were absent, and if the commission decided to cancel the exams they would take to the streets themselves.
Also, doubting the integrity of the expert committee that will be formed under the aegis of the Vice Chancellor of the Rajiv Gandhi University is uncalled for. Do these candidates believe that the Professors and Heads of Departments of these Institutions have stuck their necks out and pointed out anomalies in the paper just for the heck of it, without any rhyme or reason? To be honest, comments like this reek of desperation.
Furthermore, I have witnessed people using cell phones inside the exam hall and the toilets. Maybe the security was lax because of the protest outside, however that shows to prove the intentions of some of these “serious” candidates.
A concerned candidate