Letter of appreciation

Dear Editor,
This time Arunachal civil service commission has shown its indomitable integrity and responsibility to complete Mains exam despite tremendous pressure of workload and it has kept up accountability and transparency in its process and created a sense of credibility among genuine civil servant aspirants toward the commission.
It is alarming call to all unscrupulous aspirants and civil service societies that commission runs accordingly to the rule of law, not by the rule of mobocracy. Commission deserves the appreciation and commendation for upholding its constitutional mandate in the smooth completion of Mains exam as per scheduled. Hopefully, the commission will always maintain its integrity in days to come.
It was astounding to observe that why some section of people have habitual to hijack the integrity of the commission by mass appealing. It was saddened to know some genuine aspirants have been carried away by such propaganda.
It is necessary to know that our fundamental rights are not absolute; it is customized to give effect in the larger interest of society.
Lastly, we also extend our gratitude to district administration and police for providing safety and secure environment or else our children would have not able to appear the exam due to fear psycho.
Appeared candidate parents