Fill up the unfilled posts of APCS through lateral entry


Dear Editor,
Where are the unfilled five posts of the APCS EG for lateral entry? And where are the posts that fell vacant in 3 years subsequent to the advertisement to the vacant posts after August 2015?
So many new administrative posts are created every year and equally many senior Administrative (APCS) Officers retire every year on superannuation. While the APPSC is not able to fulfill their Constitutional obligations and commitment of recruiting APCS Officers o time, the Department of Personnel is not able to conduct even the simple Walk-in-interview for the APCS (EG) through Lateral Entry. Please advertise the unfilled as well as the subsequent vacant APCS (EG) posts through Lateral Entry for the In-Service Government Officers.
Such inordinate delay on the part
of the Department and the Government does not auger well for the governance under such a dynamic and young CM. Also, such delay in recruitment only through Walk- in Interview for such important posts as APCS (Entry Grade) shows the very sorry state of affairs of the state machinery.
A concerned Public




Dear Editor,
It has been more than 3 years since 19 posts of APCS (EG) were advertised in July- August 2015 of which only 14 posts (out of the total 19) were disposed off in April 2017. It is understood that 5 posts are still lying unfilled and many more posts are likely vacant in about 4 years period. It is therefore, earnestly requested to float advertisement for those unfilled posts and conduct Walk-in-lnterview at the earliest. It is very unfortunate that the state Government under the present dispensation is making no serious effort to appoint APCS (EG) officers for 3 years which are lying unfilled indefinitely both under the APPSC (for competitive exams) and under the Department of Personnel (Walk-in-lnterview through Lateral Entry for in-service Govt. Officers). This trend indicates the utter lack of effectiveness of the Authorities concerned. Please do something. Advertising alone would not do. The entire process should be completed in a time bound manner, say, 2-3 months which then could only be called transparent and efficient Government.
A citizen




Dear Editor,
What about the unfilled 5 (five) posts after 4th April 2017 and the subsequent vacant APCS EG posts that arose in 3 years, that is, after August 2015? Because, so many senior APCS Officers are retiring each year on superannuation and many new administrative posts are created every year. Most probably the numbers must be not less than a dozen posts lying vacant as on date. Given the experiences of the pace of advertisement and recruitment process of last time, God only knows when the process of recruitment to those vacant posts would start and when would reasonably conclude in the appointment of a dozen more APCS Officers through Lateral Entry of In-service Government officers. Is this the pace of real development in AP?
In 2014, the Department of Personnel, Govt, of AP, Itanagar, issued advertisement for Walk-in Interview for a few undisclosed posts of APCS (EG) through Lateral Entry. But the interview was never conducted throughout 2014, ’15 and ’16. Instead, the department re­-advertised the post for the so called a few vacant posts for interview again. Numbers of posts were never disclosed. But the process of scrutiny was painstakingly slow. After one year and eight months from the date of advertisement, the file was finally cleared for interviewing only 21 candidates for the hearsay total posts of 19 APCS (EG) Posts. Later, it was learnt that only 14 Officers were selected to the posts only in the first week of April 2017. The entire process, right from the date of advertisements up to the appointment of only a dozen APCS Officers, witnessed 3 Governments in succession. Now, the question is, what about the fate of the rest 5 unfilled posts even after almost 2 years. One of the most important developments was the Cabinet instruction to expedite the process of recruitment for the posts of APCS lateral entry soon after the dynamic young CM assumed office. The magic was that the same was disposed within 2 months which was painstakingly going on for years (from August 2014 to April 2017). The question is what ails the Cabinet/Govt from doing the same this time when there are already many unfilled posts and the state is facing acute shortages of Administrative Officers.
During election times, many Medical, Engineering and Allied officers are engaged as Magistrates for want of sufficient numbers of APCS Officers, thereby hampering the developmental and the public welfare duties of these officers. Many newly established Administrative Circles are left unattended due to insufficient APCS Officers. Then why the inordinate delay in filling up of such important posts which are already vacant, whereas so many new posts in other departments are constantly created and disposed off within a year.
The problem seems to lie in the lack of sufficient staffs to deal the official processes in an efficient and coordinated way in the Department of Personnel and more so, the inability at the higher levels officers to take effective decisions in a time bound manner. Hope CM would take note of it and take a final call in this direction at the earliest.
Concerned citizen