Neglected festival

Dear Editor,
I convey my deepest sadness and surprise to the government’s negligence towards the Memba community of Mechuka and Tuting with regards to the fund allocation for celebration of local festival from department of indigenous affairs.
I have seen the letters to all Deputy Commissioners of concern district regarding the fund allocation.
To my utter surprise not a single penny has been allocated for the celebration of Losar festival of Membas whereas all other festivals has been allocated amounts in lakhs for the celebration.
For the kind information, I want to highlight some points to concern authority and readers that Memba is not a sub-tribe but a minor tribe and it has its own indigenous culture and tradition. It may seem similar to Monpas, Khambas due to religious similarity but we are a different tribe though small in number, so it’s a matter of either negligence or discrimination towards our community from so called servant of common people.
Frustrated denizen