Commission’s will

Dear Editor,
I would like to put up my grievances regarding the re-conduct of whole exam process of the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Combined Competitive Examination. We all know that the prelims qualified candidates has broken into three groups viz. 1) those who have appeared for mains despite the protest and non-conducive environment, 2) those who were protesting and did not appear for the exams, and 3) those who could not appear for the exam due to all the chaos which does not need further details here.
As a guardian of an appearing candidate, I would like to submit that he had arrived to capital well in advance with his level best preparation to compete with other talented and prelims qualified candidates in the just concluded APPSCCE 18. However, due to all the chaos, he could not appear for his first paper at Kingcup center, and subsequently it was of no use to attend the remaining papers.
And we all know that how much time, money and energy is lost in the preparation of this exam. It makes us feel very sad and sympathetic towards those candidates who comes from far off places to capital for exam, staying with others with tough adjustment, and finally not getting chance to make it to exam center. Blame it on him or the situation, keeping in mind the ongoing tussle between all the stakeholders, I extremely feel that it would be better if the commission conducts the whole process of the coveted exam from prelims itself by introducing UPSC CSAT pattern within a stipulated time period (keeping in mind the candidature of those ageing candidates). Otherwise everyone knows that outcome of the court verdict will surely affect the concluded mains exam. So to save the unnecessary further wastage of time, money, energy and all, it would be better to conduct the re-examination process from prelims stage itself. Furthermore, to maintain the transparency of the exam, there has to be group discussion included alongwith the viva voce process. The marks in the viva voce has to be reduced as there is very much chances for nepotism and favoritism in the viva voce. The earlier the better.
If commission has the will to make it happen, definitely they can.
A guardian of aggrieved candidate