‘Need to develop proper eco-system for bamboo industry’

ITANAGAR, Dec 3: The core competence of Arunachal Pradesh is bamboo and we should develop a proper eco system for bamboo industry, said Prof Bijoylaxmi Sarmah, NERIST, Nirjuli.
“We should develop a whole system of innovation, production, logistics and sales of bamboo furniture and gift items. This will generate employment and wealth for the people of Arunachal Pradesh,” Prof Sarmah said while participating in a symposium on ‘Innovation Strategy’ organized by the Department of Management, Himalayan University here on Monday.
The Symposium was inaugurated by Registrar DrVivek Mittal, Director D Bagra and Assistant Director P Gogoi.
Registrar of the university, Dr Vivek Mittal said that that innovation and entrepreneurship are important to address the major developmental challenges, such as inclusion, sustainability, and shared prosperity in Arunachal Pradesh.
He said that the key to solve the problem of unemployment is innovation and entrepreneurship.
“We have to find out new ways to explore the potential of Arunachal Pradesh that is tourism and bamboo,” said Dr Mittal.
The students of MBA presented various business plans.
A group of students presented launching a portal to sell the bamboo products, while another group gave the idea of developing a tourist hub at Poma River.
One group gave the idea of industrial manufacturing of beer from rice.
Jamal Hussain, HOD, Faculty of Management said that few students of Faculty of Management will certainly become entrepreneurs and will generate employment.