Arunachal rising is not election campaign

Dear Editor,
I am an avid reader of your esteemed daily which is the highest selling daily in the state and is followed by many for its honest and fearless articulation. However, I was rather shocked, confused and intrigued by your esteemed daily’s Editorial of 6th December 2018 edition, calling the ‘Arunachal Rising’ campaign an election campaign (read gimmick) which holds no water and is devoid of truth. As a matter of fact, the Arunachal Rising and Sarkar Apke Dwar are two pet projects of Pema Khandu-led state government which aim at taking the policies and programmes of the government closer to the people, especially in the rural and far-flung areas who have virtually no access to media and other means of communication.
In fact, the Arunachal Rising was planned long time ago and we have been working ceaselessly to make it a huge success in terms of reaching out to the people. It is also pertinent to mention here that many people, especially in the villages are not aware of some of the beneficial schemes. The Arunachal Rising campaign has absolutely nothing to do with the forth coming elections. Moreover, any government has the right to announce its achievements and show its performance to the people to judge. The main objective of the Arunachal Rising campaign is to ensure that all the benefits of the government schemes and projects percolated down to the common multitudes. The state government under chief minister Pema Khandu wants to ensure that the last person standing in the queue tasted the sweet fruit of development and experienced the winds of change blowing across the state. The chief minister deserves applause and appreciation for the innovative and effective concept.
We all are aware that the main thrust of the state government is to address the three focused sectors: education, health and law and order for which the Arunachal Rising is being used as a medium not only to create awareness but also to impress upon the district administration and concerned departments to accord top priority to these vital sectors.
I sincerely feel that we must not misconstrue the great and path-breaking decision of launching the Arunachal Rising campaign by the state government led by the most affable and yet pragmatic chief minister Pema Khandu.
Denhang Bosai,
Deputy Director
Information and Public Relations