Preservation, conservation and sustainability

Dear Editor,
The Himalayan regions have always swayed the mainland due to the fact that our culture and living being exquisitely different and variant than theirs. This makes tourism a very big sought out things for the Himalayas, which is still an untapped resource for the people residing in it. Since then times have changed and accessibility along the regions of Himalayas have increased. All the Himalayan regions have been blessed abundantly and most of the parts are still in its pristine stage waiting to be explored. Arunachal Pradesh the land of rising sun or dawn lit mountains is one such part to be blessed with abundance by Mother Nature. We have all seen the rise of tourism from simply nothing to be all in awe of the possibilities now available to experience it close and be at the forefront of it diluting by the side of nature. The opportunities now available are unparalleled to times then, so much so, that I hope it does not get exploited or saturated in the long run. We stomp our ownership over what we inherited and do with it as it pleases us. So preservation and sustainability of our place should be the core structure while also availing the benefits of Mother Nature. All in all we are for the people of our state as it bares maximum profit for the people but care should also be given for sustainability of it. So awareness should be given for the preservation, conservation and sustainability as extensively as possible to the masses. It’s time we stopped looking trying to get without giving.
Jiti Mega