PRC and its repercussions

Dear Editor,
The state government’s recent view of considering giving PRCs to the non -APSTs of Lekang, Namsai will have repercussions of the highest order and will change the very fabric of Arunachal’s society forever.
Yes, the government is right that this issue cannot be ignored but is awarding PRCs any logical solution to this matter? Will the indigenous people of Arunachal accept it? The answer is a big fat no. Moreover the timing of the demand creates a lot of questions.
Why this demand now when the election is on the horizon? Why not earlier? I guess the answer is obvious.
I think the government is not considering the long term ripple effect this decision will create in terms of threatening the indigenous nature of the state’s society.
The decision will have direct bearing on the ongoing Chakma-Hajong issue which already has become a contentious issue in the state politics.
Does anyone really think that after PRCs are granted in future a ST demand is not very farfetched?
Moreover this will lead to permeable boundary as Assam-Arunachal border is very critical, it may result in insurgent elements entering the state and disturb the peace and tranquility that Arunachal has enjoyed compared to other Northeastern states.
The issue of ILP is another angle of this issue and with PRCs being issued, it will render it defunct. Can we really debate that once this decision really becomes practical, the non APSTs in other parts of the state may demand the same hence upsetting the whole status quo.
The All Assam Students Union supported the bandh call in Lekang, which is hypocrisy of the highest level shown by AASU.
If they are so worried about their PRCs, why not ask and protest in front of Assam government to provide them with the PRCs.
Simply giving in to these non logical demands and taking a populist decision just because it is an election year will put the future generation into deep trouble and struggle for their very indigenous identity.
The government needs to talk with the Assam government to sort out the border issues first and then come to an amicable solution rather than giving out “New Year’s gifts” to the non APSTs. Because the loser in this situation is not only the indigenous tribal people but also the hard working non-tribal population in the other parts of Arunachal who are being put in the same bracket and being abused for the demands of some unrelated and self absorbed people.