How long will our children suffer?

Dear Editor,
These days school children travelling in school buses are continuously suffering from cough.
Reason is dusty roads. Whole landscape is overcast with dusts, fine, minute dusts. Poor children are cured again and again but are afflicted back again and again as well.
But the question is that when the four-lane road was not to be constructed at all, then why else two lane road which was at least in running condition was dismantled?
Now, how much medicine will children take- enhancing from oral to injections.
Previously many funny captions of Itanagar-Naharlgun commuters were going viral but these satires were never understood by the Govt. and it did not affect the Govt. least as well.
There are heartless people in the Govt. who don’t have mercy even for kindergarten students or nursery students for that matter.
More agony is that these people are going to continue in the next election as well.
But can the Govt. take these innocent children for a ride?
Better still, why don’t the Govt. shut down the schools for time being till the problem is resolved the way it is used to do in summer monsoon rainy seasons.
Kumey Tapu,