No road yet to Payum Circle

Dear Editor,
Payum circle located in Siang District is one of the oldest and the most backward circles of the state. Due to lack of basic necessities like road communication, electricity, telecommunication in the area, the young and upcoming generation from the area is migrating to other places of the state abandoning the region where once their ancestors ruled the roost.
In some of the villages, there are households with only aged people as younger ones have moved out from their villages looking for greener pastures.
It may be noted that the Circle is more than 50 years old. It was established way back in mid 60s but till date not a single village of the total 12 villages under the circle is connected with road communication.
Considering the above facts, educated citizens hailing from this remote and interior circle in a meeting at Aalo this month has constituted an organization-Chebung Banggo Welfare Society (CBWS).
The main aim and objective of the organisation is to highlight the issues and grievances faced by the people residing in this backward circle to the concerned authorities.
The meeting of CBWS lamented on the lack of development in the area and expressed its resentment for lack of road communication to the circle.
The utter absence of road communication even to a single village in the circle is seen as the main cause of migration of people from the area to other areas, opined the CBWS in its meeting.
The meeting also decided to organise a “Payback” programme by the natives of the area who are residing at the urban areas across the country with their innovative ideas, suggestions, and voluntary contributions.
Considering the fact that state General Assembly Election -2019 is round the corner, the CBWS also decided to organise a platform speech for the contesting candidates from the area.
All the contesting candidates including the sitting MLA who is also a Minister in the state cabinet shall be invited to take part in the platform speech cum payback programme to be held at Reying Village to share their views and vision to revive Payum circle which is at the verge of collapse due to mass migration of the natives from the area.
Tashor Pali.
Chief Adviser,