Violation of sanctity of Itanagar Gompa

Dear Editor,
Whenever I find time I take my family to the Gekar Syenak, the Zoo and the only Gompa in the capital. Things have improved over the years. They are cleaner. Pathways are good enough. Things of interest have become more attractive. More visitors flock there now. Overall it is not boring as they were some five years back. We, all common citizens, are grateful to the authorities concerned for ever going on improvement. We, the people of Arunachal Pradesh, can tell others that there are such places where they can pass their time when they are in the capital of the state.
Where the administration needs to pay attention is the sight of young boys drinking beer along the way to the Gompa in brought daylight. I am scared of taking my family to IG Park for obvious reasons. In the zoo and Gekar Syenak, such visible activities are not alarming. Even if such things happen they are not much noticeable due to forest and landscape. Few people in the past have written about such unhealthy and uncivilized behavior inside the Gompa. Who will educate these heroes who think it is very holy to drink in such a holy place in full public view in broad day light ?
Nowhere in India such scenes are noticed. It is shameful ! What the outsiders must be thinking about us and our local administration ?
On 29 Dec 2018 at around 3PM, I saw as many as three groups; I am being a local dare not speak out for reasons you know, just think of of the reaction of ladies, girls, children, old couples and visitors from other states when they see such sights !! Those boys and their parents will not even read this article like so many govt officials who turn blind eyes to these ugly and nauseating sights.
It is my appeal to DC and SP, as was done earlier by so many people, that kindly make arrangements to check such bad activities in these places; specially inside the Gompa compound.
A Concerned Citizen