PRC and need for self reflection

Dear Editor,

This is in regards to the news that some Assam based organisations led by UPMoL has warned Arunachal people and it’s government of Economic blockade to get its demands, whether legitimate or illegitimate, fulfilled. As an Arunachalee, I condemn the act and disapprove of such future acts of intimidation of the indigenous people of the land.
But I think somewhere we need to look at ourselves too. It’s a high time for the Arunachalees to have a little self-introspection, a little self-reflection. The Assam based organisation has threatened us with Economic blockade. But I think the real problem we have is not economic but social and political. How?
1. Social, because everybody knows that we Arunachalees love to fight amongst ourselves over issues which are trivial and non-significant. But when it comes to some genuine cause we are at lost. Everybody knows that it is a divided house and hence it won’t stand long enough.
2. Political. First of all I would like to make it clear that I am not a political man. I am just an ordinary citizen of my country and the state.
Shiv Khera says, “Today’s problems are the results of the short-sighted solutions of yesterday”. We all know that this “PRC issue” is an old issue. But it has taken an ugly shape only very recently. Moreover, its implication may even be worse in the days to come. I guess we all know this. But it could have been solved amicably years back and should have been settled back when it was in its infancy. When things were easily and amicably possible. But no political party except the PPA showed any interest in properly settling the boundary issue between Assam and Arunachal.
In fact, it was one of its core political agenda to settle the “boundary issue” as early as possible for the future well being of both the states, not just Arunachal only. But we just didn’t bother. In fact, we just always love to see a single party dominant state legislature where democracy has been practically reduced to aristocracy/oligarchy, by ourselves. Every soul is corrupt to some extent but I think if we had given the regional party of our own land even one little chance, it would have committed itself at least to the cause of securing the rights of the indigenous people of the state unlike the parties we have seen with our own eyes. It’s time for a self reflection.
God bless Arunachal!

Dite Pertin