Advertise all group-B and C vacant posts

 Dear Editor,
When chief minister Pema Khandu announced the increased upper age limit for aspiring govt employees for two more years , there was wave of happiness amongst unemployed youths. At the same time he also announced bumper job advertisement. Though huge advertisement have been made for the posts of doctors, teachers and junior engineer, huge number of unemployed youths are non-technical , with arts background.
Now, many have even crossed increased upper age limit and many are going to be over aged in couples of months as there has been no big advertisement except technical ones.
It is not that vacancies are not available. Many group –B posts such as MVI, tax and excise inspectors etc and group –c posts in good numbers are laying vacant, whose numbers have increased with the creation of more new districts.
As elections are very near, market of rumors is very hot. People are saying that vacant posts have already been sold off or filled up, so there is not advertisement. But law makers should know that time is changing in our state also. Unemployed youths cannot be fooled by false promise. Unemployed youths are watching the every move of government. Non-advertisement of vacant posts will be a big issue for us.
Therefore we unemployed youths appeal to our young chief minister to advertise all the vacant posts of group-B and C by APPSC and SSB before the announcement of elections date.
A Citizen