‘Empower DC to act against encroachment’

KOLORIANG, Jan 22: Claiming that numerous government land and quarters in Kurung Kumey district have been encroached by government employees and private individuals, the All Kurung Kumey District Students’ Union has requested the state government to give full authority to the deputy commissioner to carry out eviction drives against encroachment.
In a five-point representation submitted to the chief secretary recently, the union also urged the government not to transfer the DC from the district, saying “the entire public of the district want to see his continued efforts for the welfare of the district and he should therefore be given ample time and opportunity to prove his mettle.”
Other demands of the union include execution of the TAH project as per the DPR; proper use of funds for shifting of government infrastructures from the right of way of the TAH project; and proper use of the BADP fund in the district.