Strict verification is required

Dear Editor,
I would like to express my concern over the recent PGT and TGT examination which concluded last week. It was quite disappointing to see that many fake B.Ed holders have also appeared the exams. Some of them have never done B.Ed. It is really saddening and discouraging for a genuine candidate like me and others who have invested years in learning and achieving the degree by putting time, energy, and money.
One must understand that the teaching profession is not merely a job or source of income; it is about imparting the knowledge, moral values and to prepare the child/student for a better tomorrow. I would strongly challenge those who gave the exam illegally as to how sound they would be morally and in teaching the students (if they get selected).
I would also like to question as to how they were allowed to give the exams. Was verification process done properly? As I can confidently say that some fake B.Ed holders appeared the exam. However, I am hopeful that justice be given to all the sincere students as the result is yet to be declared.
Therefore, I kindly request the Commission to look into this matter seriously and do the necessary verification before declaring the result, in order to avoid any unwanted protest or hunger strike in future.
A concerned and serious candidate