Politicizing the judiciary system of India

Dear Editor,
It is important to critically review the Indian judiciary from the people’s perspective. It is certainly unfair that a fairly foggy and questionable elevation system for the judges are in place currently and possibly many deserving individuals have been superseded or treated unfairly. However, what is the judiciary returning to the ordinary citizens of India; the core of the world’s largest democracy must also be asked. Several top court judgements in India involving rich elites, politician and celebrities have raised eyebrows around the globe and has placed serious doubts regarding the impartiality of the highest judiciary in India! Can the poorest of the poor afford to knock the door of the Supreme Court of India, the abode of justice for a fair ruling? Can an ordinary citizen approach the court and expect true justice other than a new ‘date’? Politicizing the judiciary system of India has started several decades back post-independence and several judges with political connections have benefited. But in spite of the huge perks the judges receive from the Republic of India are they truly loyal to the citizens of the nation and the constitution is an important question to ask. The Indian judiciary needs an honest self-introspection too.
Saikat Kumar Basu