Invasion of West Bengal

Dear Editor,
Thanks to the zealous “invasion” of West Bengal by the national-level BJP leaders this season with the Who’s Who of the party rendering shrill cry of uprooting Mamata Banerjee Government; it seems that not General polls, rather mere Assembly election in the state is approaching!
Firstly, whether Banerjee will be uprooted or retained would be decided by one and only electorate of West Bengal and that too in 2021! It seems that BJP has forgotten that the upcoming 2019 General polls is not a referendum on Mamata Banerjee!
Rather it is a referendum on the harbingers of “Good Days” regime at Centre. So it is the hour of the electorate of India who are soon going to retain/uproot them at/from New Delhi.
Secondly, as far as the allegations of “corruption”, “lawlessness” and “murder of democracy” in Bengal is concerned; why don’t BJP at first point accusing fingers at itself! What about the scandalous Vyapam issue during the BJP regime in Madhya Pradesh! Has any investigation been launched revolving the accusation of nexus between Lalit Modi and a certain Union Cabinet Minister as well as an ex-Chief minister hailing from BJP! If accusations of corruption against Mamata/TMC are synonymous to “final proof”; then the same formula also holds true when we hear murmur of nexus between the industrialists absconded to foreign lands and the Who’s Who of BJP! And will it please be conveyed what “fight” has been waged against corruption and lawlessness! Have black money, counterfeit notes, terrorists and human traffickers ceased to exist post demonetisation! And what is the amount of black money recovered following demonetisation with 99.3% of the banned notes returning to banks!
And right from killings of Mohammad Akhlaque to Pehlu Khan, murders of M.M.Kalburgi to Govind Pansare, torture on Kanhaiya Kumars in Universities, flogging of Dalits, attack on Churches, caste wars —- all brutalities have happened either in BJP-ruled states or where it yield considerable clout and all happening after the harbingers of “Good Days” came to power in Delhi! None of these untoward incidents happened in much-maligned Bengal!
BJP, which fared so brilliantly in 2014 general polls in Bihar, got a massive thrashing next year itself in 2015 Assembly election! Why? Because of the equal and opposite reaction by self-respecting Biharis following continuous character assassination of Bihar by the all-India BJP leadership. In the same vein, it is highly possible that saffron brigade which is continuously mocking abusing character assassinating Bengal at every step in front of the whole country will be shown their “rightful” place with more disastrous result in the state if the humiliated Bengalis choose to exercise their self-respect and retaliate.
So instead of remaining immersed in the sole dream of uprooting Mamata Banerjee from Bengal (that too after 2 years!) and taunting the “alliance of looters”; a bit of time-energy-resource may also be kindly invested right in the present instant to stabilise Railway service in “Good Days” India! Perhaps lives of common people are infinite times more precious than Ram, “Gomata”, Flags, Statues, Yoga and petty politicking!
It is not merely fall of a train in Bihar, rather it amounts to a fall of all norms of shame ethics and accountability.
Kajal Chatterjee,