Marks before viva

Dear Editor,
Viva-voce conducted by East Session Court, Tezu was ridiculous.
Recently conducted recruitment of various posts such as Sheristadar, UDC, Peshkar, LDC, Driver, Process Server and Peon is one of most outrageous in history of Arunachal.
The written exam was very fair as its question paper was developed and answer sheet evaluated in Gauhati High Court, Guwahati. Absurd things began then some of you might not believe. The written exam result (Total 100 marks) was declared. The candidates in ratio 1:10 in order of merit was called for viva-voice (Total marks 25). Surprisingly marks obtained in written exam was displayed by the authority well before the viva-voice. The board members had a copy of list of candidates in order of merit along with marks obtained so that they can even calculate exactly how much marks a candidate needed in viva-voce to be selected in final list. You can check the results in website of Gauhati High Court, Itanagar Permanent Bench. The marks obtained in written exam were quite similar. What made difference was this 25 marks in viva voice.
How, how can authority call candidates for viva-voice in order of merits? How can authority display marks obtained in written exam before viva-voice. Don’t you all think the order of merit and marks obtained in written exam should be kept secret from board members of viva-voice? Which RR they are following? I wish at least one board member should have been from Gauhati High Court. I wish this recruitment should have been conducted by Gauhati High Court only.
The Circuit Court sitting of Central Administrative Tribunal is scheduled at Itanagar on 6th and 7th February 2019. I pray this case is considered.
A concerned citizen