Avoid corruption, backdoor entry, nepotism

Dear Editor,
This is in response to a letter published on 6/2/2019 under the heading Marks before viva.
The writer had said written mark should have been kept secret till the end of viva. But, i want to ask you what is wrong if they publish it? Logic is simple, they just want to make thing fair and transparent. It will also help those written qualified candidates to see how many mark they are behind from those top 10 or 20, so that they can give their best shot in viva to compensate for the mark lost in written and to get selected in final list. I don’t think there is/was any wrongdoing unlike incompetent APPSC and earlier departmental examination which are full of corruption and nepotism.
I hope APPSC and SSB will also learn from this and will try to uphold the dignity of their institution by conducting recruitment examination under time bound manner and without involving in corruption, backdoor entry, nepotism.
A citizen