Negotiating potholes and the hill

Dear Editor,
The road leading to DC office in Likabali, Lower Siang District (LSD) is in pathetic condition. Reaching the DC office in Lower Siang itself is a challenge. The road is narrow and dangerous as it is built through the edge of the hill. A sense of glory prevails if he/she could reach and come back from that road safely.
To add, while driving, you are not supposed to blink your eyes because you must solve the jigsaw puzzle of ‘potholes’ and draw a matric to drive through the less deep pothole. Also, one feels as if he or she is doing an advertisement on the durability test of the vehicle and its tires. The tires and the vehicles may survive the test, but the person driving the same would sooner or later have some punctures here and there.
To continue the narrative, it is scandalous and ignominious that the road leading to the highest office of the district continues to remain neglected. It is not necessary to construct a new road every year, but at least maintenance activities should be carried out on time so that the condition of the roads do not deteriorate to such an unmanageable extent. The roads leading to the DC Office is sloppy and serpentine with a cliff on the other side- with the potholes the road gets more dangerous. The monsoon season will arrive soon and the situation would turn from bad to worst.
We must not forget the incident which created havoc for many days due to washing away of a portion of the same stretch of road a few years back. Therefore, concern authorities should consider the matter as urgent and must try to solve the issue amicably. The prompt action by the authorities would help in averting the untoward incidents that might be lurking high on the commuters on this pathetic, damaged and deteriorated stretch of road.
Nyatum Doke
Lower Siang District