Lease out parking lot

The pathetic condition of the unused parking lot located at Bank Tinali in Itanagar is the classic example of the misuse of the government fund. This parking lot was inaugurated in February 2017 by Environment & Forest Minister Nabam Rebia. The opening of parking lot was expected to streamline the parking of vehicles along the highway and help in reducing the traffic congestion in the crowded Bank Tinali area. But it has not achieved the desire target and instead has turned into a den for anti-social elements.
Reportedly youths use the building to drink alcohol and have littered the whole building. The pathetic condition of parking lot raises serious question mark over the whole project itself. More than a year has passed since the building was inaugurated but till date it is not in use. Why is the concern department failing to properly use it? State government should investigate the whole matter and punish the officials who are failing to maintain the government assets. As the department is not able to make use of parking lot, the state government should lease it out to the private parties and operate on public-private partnership model.