Threat of money culture

Chief Electoral Officer Kaling Tayeng on Monday while participating in a workshop at Rajiv Gandhi University spoke about the challenges posed by the massive involvement of money in the election process in Arunachal Pradesh. With the top election official himself raising concern over the money culture, hopefully strong measures will be initiated during the assembly and parliament elections to curb the spending of money. In Arunachal money plays an important role in deciding the fates of the candidates. Most of the time deserving candidates end up losing in elections due to lack of money.
Money culture is against the spirit of democracy and puts some of the candidates at a disadvantage. In fact, it is the main reason for the under-development of the state. Though the citizens as well as the election commission have been raising concern over money culture, no one has managed to put an end to it. The election officials miserably fail to stop the spending of money during elections. The measures adopted by them have failed to prevent the flow of money during elections. In successive elections, money continues to play the defining role in deciding the fate of the candidates. However, the people of the state will hope that this time the election officials under the leadership of CEO Tayeng will take more concrete steps to put an end to the money culture in the state. It will go a long way in improving the election scenario of state and contribute to faster development of the state.