Youths’ lives matter

After days of violence and chaos, the state capital was much calmer on Tuesday. The violence of the last few days has left everyone exhausted and deeply disturbed. The anti-PRC protests which erupted on 21 February soon turned violent, and for the last few days the state capital has been virtually burning. The food and fuel shortage has made life difficult for everyone. However, with the intervention of civil society bodies, the situation seems to be getting better. But still there is an air of uneasiness and fear that violence may return anytime.
As things slowly calm down, every citizen will need to introspect in the days to come. It is a fact that the politicians failed us, but how about the role of the citizens? Should we as a civilized society accept the looting of shops as part of any democratic protest? The anti-PRC protests were a people’s movement. Fed up of the lackadaisical attitude of the politicians, the people of the state staged massive protests to vent their anger and frustration. Unfortunately, the people’s movement was hijacked by a few antisocial elements to indulge in looting of shops and reckless violence. These people should not be allowed to hijack such a historic uprising against a wrong policy of the government. Three youths have made the supreme sacrifice for the cause of the indigenous tribals of Arunachal Pradesh. The people of the state should pay respects to their souls by peacefully protesting against their killing and put an end to this cycle of violence. The lives of every youth matters, and there should be no more deaths.