Results very opposite of what rational human beings would like to see

Dear Editor,
The online polling that this esteemed daily conducts from time to time is commendable. However, the results often tend to be the very opposite of what rational human beings would like to see, and since most of the time the questions concern the state, they don’t augur well and often put us, the educated community in bad light. Why I say so, is because an illiterate wouldn’t be reading this daily, and more so not an educated, techno-updated Aruncahali with access to the internet, without which of course, this online polling wouldn’t have been possible.
However, rather than being delighted on the techno-savvy nature of our educated population, there is a need to reflect on the results of the frequent polls, which is alarming to say the least. Few days back it was regarding bribes in elections, and more than the majority responded in the affirmative, that they would accept bribes during elections.
The results of the ongoing poll is even more alarming, which is still not final as the poll is still open. That over 60 percent of the voters see bandhs as a solution to the recent PRC issue, is terrifying to say the least. It must be noted that bandhs in the state have hardly been peaceful, the recent one proving potentially very damaging on all fronts, economic, social, and more importantly, psychological.
The state of the state today is quite paradoxical. We talk of change, we talk of ease of doing business, and we talk of making Arunachal a tourist hub.
Well, I believe, there is a serious need to reflect on what we really want. It was sad to read about the losses showroom owners have had to incur, the unethical acts of daylight looting, and how many of the business persons from outside the state, who have been living in the capital for decades, now have decided to leave for good, taking along with them, psychological scars, the thought of which, would probably make them nauseate later in life.
If bandhs can bring in more tourists, more economic opportunities, more happiness and ease of quality living, it would probably have been the norm. But sadly, it isn’t. Communication and dialogue, play a vital role everywhere in human life. Even the smallest unit of relationships, that between a husband and a wife, runs on communication and understanding.
But things are easier said than done, and I may probably be wrong in my inference, as some may argue that communication had failed in the first place. Leaders definitely need to be more farsighted and gauge the general mood, being more sensitive to aspirations and how the scheme of events may chart out in an election year. Some decisions may pay dividends while others may backfire.
Also, leaders of civil society organisations must be actively looped in before undertaking landmark decisions. At the same time, the same leaders must again understand that they serve as role models and they must take decisions that are most effective while at the same time least damaging to public life and property.
Landmark events tend to bring with it, landmark lessons. And in a landmark event such as the recent one, there may be a few winners. But it’s the state that has borne the ultimate brunt, damaging much of the peaceful reputation that it has been known for so long.
Let us look forward to rebuilding the capital positively in addition to learning from the recent debacle that violence and arson is never the way forward.
Also, a fervent appeal to all the regular readers of this esteemed daily. Let us all vote more rationally in the opinions polls carried out regularly by this daily. Few may be voting for fun, but it’s important we act as responsible citizens.
Khandu Thongdok,