Stop warmongering

The role of the media in both India and Pakistan in the ongoing crisis is shameful in every way. The fanatic right wing news anchors on both the sides of the borders are warmongering and are virtually pushing their respective governments to go for war. This kind of shameful behaviour is condemnable and should be avoided. IAF pilot Abhinandan Varthaman, who was captured by Pakistan after his plane crashed on the other side of the LoC while on a mission to chase back intruding planes, returned home on Friday evening after an anxious wait. Pakistan made a good gesture by releasing him after just 48 hours of the incident.
Instead of celebrating this peace initiative, the Indian news channels were further fueling hatred by making all sorts of claims about the reasons for releasing him. Many analysts believed that Pakistan possibly delayed his release due to the anti-Pakistan rhetoric run by the hawkish Indian channels.
Even as the news anchors are warmongering, it is the military personnel who are appealing for peace in the newsrooms. They know the price of war, and therefore do not want further escalation of tension between India and Pakistan. These warmongering news anchors should be ashamed of their behaviour. Most of them are behaving more like spokespersons of some right wing organizations, rather than like journalists.