Provide wall clock and intensify checks

Dear Editor,
I would like to raise the question on the standard of the recently held SLET exam in the various departments of Rajiv Gandhi University. I was surprised as well as dismayed to see that no wall clock was provided in the examination hall for candidates, and there was no proper checking of candidates before entering exam hall.
In fact one candidate was caught with a mobile phone in the middle of the exam.
I have appeared NET exam many times but this was my first SLET exam so far.
It was easier to enter this exam hall than CBSE exam hall. If there is a low security check measure then there is a high chances of mass copying from Internet.
It’s a very serious issue to be pondered upon by the examination controller and save the well earned prestige of the university.
Therefore, I urge the authority to strictly check candidates and please do provide wall clock in the examination hall from next time.
Appeared SLET Candidate