Evict animals from Capital roads

Dear Editor,
I would like to bring out the attention of authorities towards the problem of animals loitering around the roads in the capital complex.
The animals like cows, pigs sleep around the national highway & are causing major road accidents and some of them are the major bearer of diseases.
In order to make our capital as a model of the smart city, the authorities seriously need to look into the beautification& healthcare of the capital we all live in.
Also it gives out the bad impression of our capital. The owner of these animals should know the roads are meant for public transportation and that it is not their animal’s playground.
Every year we can see many accidents occurs on the road due to these animals on the road.
There is an urgent need to evict these animals from the roads.
The process of eviction should be carried out regularly for its better course of action.
Therefore, i highly request the concerned authorities to look into the matter for better cleanliness and safety and make our capital free from these animals.
Atum bhai