Capital complex on edge

The opposition parties comprising of Congress, PPA and JD(S) has announced to stage dharna outside Rajbhawan on Saturday seeking fulfillment of the demands placed by them to Governor on Wednesday last. They are demanding resignation of Chief Minister Pema Khandu over PRC issue and a judicial enquiry into shootings, deaths and several other injuries to protestors preferably headed by a sitting high court judge or a retired chief justice of the high court. There is growing uneasiness over the proposed dharna. Fear of law and order breakdown is again haunting the people of capital complex.
People are yet to come out from the trauma of witnessing unprecedented violence that rocked state capital from February 22 to 25. The death of three protestors and large scale damage to public as well as private properties still rankle the citizens. The opposition parties has huge role to play in bringing normalcy in the state capital. The leaders should make sure that protest does not turn violent. Capital complex simply cannot afford to witness another round of violence. Opposition parties have every democratic right to protest seeking fulfillment of their demands. But at this critical juncture they will have to be extra careful so that situation is not further inflamed. Also the state government on their part should listen to the grievances raised by the opposition parties and try to work out a solution.