Ill prepared

The Itanagar Township is facing shortage of drinking water supply for the last two days due to the damage caused to pipelines of Poma water supply. The residents are facing torrid time. Apparently the damage to pipeline was caused due to ongoing construction of drains along the Itanagar-Jote road. The project is being implemented by the Itanagar Municipal Council (IMC). It is reported that due to haphazard construction the pipelines were damaged. The IMC should have been extra careful while executing the work.
The lack of coordination between IMC and PHED department has further complicated the matter. IMC should have given prior notice to the PHED to shift pipelines before the start of work. This would have easily avoided the mess surrounding the ongoing drain work. Due to the chaos created by IMC the people of Itanagar are now facing hard time. This is exam season and lack of drinking water at home are making life miserable especially for the students. The PHED department has also failed to provide alternative water supply to the citizens. The department has left citizens to fend for themselves. To mitigate the crisis PHED should have provided water supply by deploying tankers in the colonies. Every year during monsoon heavy rain and landslide damages Poma and Senki water supply pipelines causing much trouble to the citizens. With monsoon approaching the PHED department should once again brace themselves up to face any such challenges. However, the tardy response to the present crisis has cast doubt over preparedness of department.