NOTA is my choice because no one is worthy of my vote

Dear Editor,
As the elections are nearing, many will be eager to cast their valuable votes without knowing the true spirit and value of vote. Many will be intoxicated in campaigning for their dear candidates without knowing the true definition of dear. Mudslinging and tarnishing the image of rival candidates will be in vogue. Banks and other financial institutions will face acute financial crunches. Barter either in cash or kind is a common phenomenon. Home delivery of cash and kind will be rampant. Induced incitement of hatred and violence will be the order of the day.
Please don’t be part of such unscrupulous activities. Politicians in Arunachal Pradesh are always capable of building bridges over places where there are no water. Never think that you are cleaver than a Politicians. Politicians don’t use people. They exploit people. The irony is that many are happy to be exploited because they don’t realise that they are being exploited.
Having self analysed a bit of Arunachal politics, I find not a single candidate deserving my valuable vote. Therefore, I firmly decided to opt for NOTA. None with a sound mind can question my choice. They may be literate but are not educated.
The term NOTA is an acronym for “None Of The above” option available to voters in elections who find no candidate to their satisfaction.
“Conduct of Elections Rules, 1961”gives a voter the Right of NOT Voting in favour of any Candidate. But it also states that the number of such “No Votes” would not affect the outcome of the Election Results. That means a candidate securing the highest number of votes would be declared elected even when NOTAs are larger in number.
The SC accepted the argument that sometimes voters find no right or “clean” candidate to vote for. In that case they have either to abstain from voting or else cast their votes in favour of the least “undeserving” candidate. That would be equivalent to depriving them of their freedom of choice. To avoid that NOTA was introduced.
Do not assume that the NOTA serves no purpose.” It is a reflection of peoples’ right to express their resentment.
Do opt for NOTA if you don’t find your candidate worthy of your valuable vote. I am vehemently in favour of NOTA for the following reasons:-
1. It will register your choice and not give someone any chance for bogus voting on your behalf.
2. States can be used to bring reform to use NOTA for making elections void. Currently NOTA votes are so low that it can’t be proved that even a law is brought it will change anything. But situation will be different whenever NOTA starts getting highest votes.
3. Politicians in Arunachal Pradesh are devoid of political ideology. Shifting parties are a cup of tea for them. They are not ideology based but self interest based. Will Modi or Sonia ever shift parties? A new term or phrase should be coined, having a meaning far more than the words, UTTER Shameless”.
4. The quantum of NOTA will show that the winning candidate lacks ideological and moral authority over the masses. Ruling/Governing without moral authority is an utter shame for the winning candidate if his/her conscience and self respect is intact.
5. For few years you may find the photographs of Atalji in the offices and residences of Arunachal Politicians but be assured that within no time Atalji’s photographs will be replaced by Indiraji’s photographs and vice versa. I am sure that the denizens are prudent enough to choose either to vote or to opt for NOTA for such chameleons.
6. No need to ponder deep, just roughly analyse the political career of Politicians. I am sure that none have been honest in their political career. All have syphoned publics money. Do you want them to gulp our money again? If no, then don’t hesitate to opt for NOTA.
7. Some say that among all the corrupt candidates, vote for the lesser evil one. What an immaturity? If a Tiger and a Snake enters my house, then should I welcome one of them saying that other is more evil? Don’t live in fools paradise. Should I opt for NOTA or welcome the lesser evil?
8. There is a wrong notion prevalent among the common masses of Arunachal Pradesh that, “Sarkar ka paisa khaney se kisi ka loss nahi hota hey. Ye to apna chalaki hey”. Do ask such persons as to where does the Government gets that money? Its our money accumulated in Government exchequer through various kinds of direct and indirect taxes. How can a Politician who gulps public money can be termed as Chalak. Infact, this is a serious offences and I consider such Politicians as Traitor.
9. You address all the rich and powerful persons as Sir, Sahab, Bada Aadmi. It’s crystal clear fact that 99% of such people have achieved that false status through corrupt means. Whether corrupt officers and Politicians deserve to be addressed as sahab, bada admi or sir?
10. I personally don’t endorse mob violence but recent PRC issue has shown that none of the political leaders irrespective of parties deserve our vote. Recent incident has shown them that the real power lies with the common masses. If the common masses unite for a good motive, then not a single Politician can exploit us or our state. Should we bleed every time to protect our basic rights?
11. Politicians in Arunachal are rampantly engaged in corruption, nepotism and rowdyism in the matters of illegal appointment, awarding tenders & contracts awarding welfare schemes to benefecries, syphoning of public money etc. They are also lascivious. Do such Politicians deserve your valuable vote?
Choose wisely to vote. Don’t be carried away by the false promises of Politicians. Days will not be far when such demi god may turn into a monster.
If you are a believer of any religion, then its right time to knock your conscience. Your mind may misguide you but your conscience wont.
If any Politician views otherwise, then come to me and explain as to why should I vote for him? This should be the mindset and attitude of every civilized denizens.
I am a taxpayer and hence, I have every right to question the candidates who became eligible to run a state/ nation without any eligibility test.
Ngurang Achung,