Shameful incident

In yet another shameful incident, the residence of Yachuli MLA Likha Saaya was vandalized on Sunday evening by his supporters. The supporters were reportedly angry with his decision to withdraw his candidature from the coming assembly election. Starting with the recent anti-PRC agitation, a new trend of mob unleashing violence to vent out anger is emerging in the state. This is a very dangerous trend and has the potential to create social disharmony in a sensitive tribal state like Arunachal Pradesh. The supporters have the right to be disappointed with the decision of Saaya to withdraw his candidature, but it is absolutely wrong to use a violent method to express their anger.
Also, if a person is not ready to contest an election, it is wrong to force him/her to fight it. Fighting elections in Arunachal Pradesh, especially in Yachuli assembly constituency, is a very difficult task. The constituency is notorious for high expenditure during elections. If Likha Saaya is not mentally and financially ready to contest, he has every right to withdraw his candidature. The supporters should respect his decision. With each passing year election is becoming a costly affair in the state. Increasingly, it is becoming rich men’s domain. The poor and marginalized section cannot dream of entering politics, even if they have all the required leadership qualities. This has discouraged many youths from entering politics in the state.