Festival of Democracy or An Exhibition of Greed?

Dear Editor,
We have been discussing unemployment, corruptions, poor roads, water supply, condition of schools and poor discipline, diminishing moral values and were cursing our elected leaders for their adamant behavior.
But now when the occasion comes we all have forgotten those talks. Let alone the idea of questioning MLA candidates for their vision or manifesto, we are not even talking about their abilities. Idealism is a far off word in our vocabulary now. We are measuring candidate’s ability in terms of their capacity to buy votes and their ability to benefit you undue favour.
This is shameful and is a disgrace to our collective conscience because selling of vote is nothing but a sell of your individual conscience. It’s like resigning to exert your genuine opinion and allow to freely degrade your society.
So, Please exert your opinion for larger cause by voting right/capable candidate without greed. This is the least charity we can do for just and fair society.
Jummo Loyi,
Kabu Village,