Path-breaking effort

The Apatani Youth Association’s (AYA) move to conduct platform speeches by the contesting candidates of the Ziro-Hapoli assembly constituency is remarkable and historic in the true sense. As per the report in local media, the two candidates – Nani Ribia (INC) and Tage Taki (BJP) – not only gave platform speeches but also questioned each other and took questions from the public and the media too. This is the first time that such kind of debate among the candidates has been conducted in a proper manner in the state. Hopefully it will pave the way for others to follow. The AYA’s path-breaking effort truly deserves appreciation.
In this election season, when money, projects and deals seem to be the buzzwords, the effort of the AYA has come as a breath of fresh air. A state like Mizoram has effectively used platform speeches as a tool to judge the candidates contesting in elections. There the churches organize such debates among the candidates. It provides an opportunity to the voters to know the vision and ideas of the person whom they are going to vote. For the candidates, especially those who cannot afford to spend lavishly on publicity, such platforms offer the opportunity to present their vision to the potential voters. The rest of the state should take a cue from the AYA and conduct such events in their respective assembly constituencies.