A price tag on people

Dear Editor,
I shed tears reading again about a murder in my state (‘Elections and the NSCN’). There is a conspicuous nexus between politicians and militants, and come elections, there are reports of murders. This precarious relation between politicians and militants is not new in my ‘peace-loving’ state; it has happened before, and it has happened yet again.
Situated on the edge of the country’s map, our state shares international borders and is on the threshold of growth and development. This culture of militants controlling some districts is inimical to the wellbeing of our people. The leaders of our state, whom we elect as our representatives, must realize that by joining hands with such dangerous elements, they are betraying the locals of their rights and privileges. They must be held accountable for both murders and underdevelopment. How long will this go on?
There have been countless mysterious deaths over the years. I wonder if we have become complacent to such killings, or perhaps everything is for ‘sale’ in our land – even our souls! Everyone and everything has a ‘price tag’ here.
My family is yet to get justice for my father’s death. It’s been more than a year. I am not sure if we will if this is what my community has become. But I hope the 39-year-old former ZPM, Seliam Wangsa, from Longding will find justice. I didn’t know him but sir, rest in peace. Nobody has the right to kill anyone.
This state, I reckon, will change only by the hands of courageous, educated youths now.
Ngurang Reena,
New Delhi