BJP’s election agent demands disqualification of Palin INC candidate

ITANAGAR, Apr 25: The BJP’s election agent for the Palin assembly constituency in Kra Daadi district has demanded disqualification of the INC candidate for Palin for his alleged involvement in corrupt practices “as defined u/s 123 (1) & (2) (a) (i) of the RP Act, 1951” during the simultaneous elections.
In a representation to the Election Commission of India on Thursday, the BJP’s election agent, Khyoda Raja, alleged that the INC candidate for the Palin constituency “committed corrupt practices by threatening the voters of Restaring and Rakso polling stations.”
Raja said the re-polling in Restaring and Rakso were necessitated due to the damaging of the EVMs by workers of the INC candidate, “under his direction.”
“There was a firing incident which was led by the Congress workers.
An FIR in this regard has been lodged at the Palin police station by the election agent of the JD (U) candidate,” Raja said.
Regarding the Raibalo polling station, where the Congress candidate is demanding a re-poll, the BJP’s election agent claimed that there was no untoward incident on the day of polling, 11 April.
“The signatures of both the polling agents of the BJP and the JD (U), which were countersigned by the presiding officer, were also recorded. However, only the polling agent of the Congress candidate was conspicuously absent. In a bizarre turn of events, the presiding officer remarked that there was booth capturing. Even the entire video recording of the peaceful polling was found to be deleted. More importantly, in the sector magistrate’s report, it was reported as peaceful, which could be authenticated by the signature of both the polling agents of the BJP and the JD (U) and countersigned by presiding officer. However, the attempt of a certain official influenced by the Congress candidate to subvert the democratic practice cannot be ruled out,” the representation read.
Raja has also lodged a complaint with the returning officer of Palin against the “unprofessional and doubtful conduct of the presiding officer of the Restaring polling station.”