Defective ATMs

Dear Editor,
I would like to highlight the plight of ATMs in and around the capital complex. The ATMs in capital is known for its cash crunch but the other issue of these ATMs is that many ATMs around Itanagar do not have the option of amount transfer mode & even some of these machines gives out the cash instead of transferring.
Recently I happen to transfer some amount into my friend’s account but instead of transferring the amount the machine started to give out the cash. The worse part is, it took me many ATMs to seek for the option of transferring the cash, as some of the machines do not show the option of transferring.
Who knows some of these machines have been defaulted by some scrupulous minded people in order to loot the people by rigging the machine, just like it happens in other states. It’s a matter of great public importance. The SBI ATM located near secretariat seems to be in defective as it gives out cash in place of transferring.
Therefore, I request the concern authority to look into matter urgently & rectify all the defective ATMs for the greater public interest.