SBI’s poor service

Dear Editor,
The customer service at the State Bank of India’s (SBI) branch in Longding is deplorable.
Owing to the very slow pace of transactions at the branch, the customers have to stand in a long queue for hours, and at times, even after spending the entire day in the queue, they are often deprived of getting the requisite cash.
The lack of any working ATM in the district headquarters is unbelievable. These issues have been never addressed by any competent bank officials, the district authority, public representatives, welfare associations or pressure groups like the All Longding District Student’s Union. As a result, the customers have to suffer.
Although Longding is a full-fledged district headquarters with functional major govern-ment departments and booming business and other commercial activities, availability of cash in the bank, the market and in the hands of the people is an important prerequisite for the growth of commercial activities and all-round development of the district.
The Longding SBI is now housed in a new and spacious building. The denizens expected much better and improved services, but the branch has failed miserably to address these issues.
The bank should provide ATM facilities to its customers, which would certainly reduce the daily rush in the bank. Several important government and public transactions get delayed inordinately solely because of manpower shortage, the slow pace of transaction, and the repeated failure of the bank’s broadband facility.
There is also the need for a marked improvement in customer care services, including the relationship between the customers and the bank’s officials. There have been numerous instances of embarrassing moments for customers. There are also reports of certain bank officials treating customers unprofessionally, which should be discouraged.
The SBI has a vital role to play in the development of this nascent district head-quarters, and it should make all-out efforts to stand upto its reput- ation and meet its customers’ expectations.
Chowlu D